Games and Play

Despite not being a student there, I’ve been crashing reading groups at Melbourne University twice a week for the last 3 years. This has allowed me to come to understand what I at first thought to be impenetrable philosophical (Kant and Badiou) and psychoanalytical (Lacan) texts. The comprehension that a diversely well read group of individuals can bring to a thinker and their work has inspired me to initiate reading groups myself.

So this week, I got the ball rolling on a Games and Play reading group to be held out of RMIT’s Exertion Games Lab, a fantastically productive and inspiring environment that I regularly feel guilty about not spending more time in.

I’m hoping that this reading group will trick me into getting into the Games Labs more.

But meanwhile, in an apparent counter move, a Play and Culture Reading Group has just begun at Melbourne Uni which I am also now attending.

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