Task: Hypertext essay

Decide on what you would like to be pursuing creatively; Film, writing, fine art, online production… (You are not committed to this forever – its just for the purpose of this exercise). Compile a series of related organisations that you would like to be creativly involved with – groups that do things that you would like to do. For example, If you are interested in film culture, you could consider volunteering for the Melbourne International Film Festival  in order to make some contacts toward getting your own films made or screened. Perhaps you could also find out about dates for meeting people involved in Webfest or Melbourne Screenwriters Meetups. Collect a list of these organisations and write a short essay of 500 words discussing how your creative ambitions can be explored through involvement in a personalised network of cultural and creative organisations.

Other groups may include:

Melbourne Writers’ Festival

Melbourne International Arts festival





Liquid architecture

Bendigo International Festival of International Exploratory Music

This should be a personal and reflective account, but it should show your creative ambitions and your ability to research, hyperlink and reflect on possibilities for yourself. Your essay must contain no less than five hyperlinks. This project is due on Friday 14th of August and counts for 15% of your final grade. Your assessment is based on:

  • Your blog being up and functioning.
  • That you can hyperlink.
  • That you have researched organisations related to your creative ideas and ambitions.
  • That you have arrived at some understandings of the assignment.
  • That you can reflect these understanding in writing.

How to submit your assignments.

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