This task should be completed in a group of two to four and requires that you make one video per group member. Played together, all the videos should be no more than five minutes long.

Devise a narrative that can be represented in short scenes using equipment that you have easy access to – phones, domestic video cameras or other devices that record video.

Then create a series of short videos and link them together. The videos should be linked technically, and through the story.

For example – the story may be part of a linear or non linear narrative. You can connect them using  Youtube annotations as explained in this video. Alternately the video might all be played together simoultaneously but feature interweaving narratives.

You should submit  this series of videos with a diagram of a wireframe as explained in this video. To do this, you should draw up all the scenes and how the relate to eachother using either pen and paper to create an image that should be digitised and uploaded into your blog or by using mockingbird or another digital visualisation program.

Embed the videos in each of your blogs and submit via email.

This assignment will be graded on:

Your conceptual understanding and interpretation of the assignment.
Your ability to problem solve, operate and communicate within a group environment.
Your ability to technically excecute the work.
Your ability to record and reflect on the activity.

The project is due on Friday 13th of September and accounts for 30% of your final grade.


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