– Get started early, do the readings, set up your blog.

-Write in your blog often. Its how your work is tracked and assessed.

– Attend all of the lectures and tutes and write about them all in your blog. It doesn’t have to be lots, just to show that you understood what was taking place as well as reflecting on the possibilities and implications.

– If you miss a lecture or tute – catch up by looking at this blog, and by talking with other students.

– Make stuff. – Be playful with the media and the tools.

– Think about it. Consider what is being said and question the sources.

– Pay attention to how long it takes you to do things so you know how long to leave yourself for projects. Be aware of the deadlines in other classes too.

– Care about what you make.

– Look at other peoples blogs and make comments.

– Ask questions – and find answers in different places.

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