Final Transmedia project submission

Make sure you have shown me your work before you put it up on youtube.

Final submission of the TRANSMEDIA PROJECT :

  1. On your blog, write a reflection about the project. This should discuss what you chose to make and why. How you went about creating it. What tools you used. What you learnt. If and where appropriate, include production shots, screen grabs etc.
  2. You should also upload your storyboards. Not all of them, but at least one or two  which you have touched up so they look good.
  3. Create a document that describes the interaction that will take place between the audience and your transmedia experience. This could be a flow chart, an activity diagram, a sequence diagram, anything in a wireframe format that shows clearly how audiences will engage with your film and the trans mediacomponent. See examples below.
  4. The transmedia side should consist of at least one url – this could be a website you have built, a page in your blog, a twitter or facebook account, etc. But remember – you dont need to create the whole project. I want you to design a transmedia campaign that you can communicate to me, I dont want you to make or run one.
  5. A description in text and or images of additional transmedia aspects you would like to make.
  6. Remember with this project, there is an emphasis on making the presented work look good. Quality over quantity.

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