NonLinear Storytelling

Most stories are journeys that follow the same basic structure. The journey is linear and it has a beginning – middle and end.

Your own hyperlink essays will probably already have this structure. It will discuss you now, you over the coming years and you in 3 to 4 years time.

Or something like that.


This way of telling a story with a beginning middle and end is also called a three act structure:Three-Act-Structure

Nonlinear narratives are different to traditional story structures because they allow for choices within that structure. Various obstacles, conflicts, problems or opportunities give readers/players a choice. These choices leads to alternate options, differing narrative pathways. The structure changes from being a single line as represented above to a structure of choices – of forking paths.


Is there a possibility for you to include forking paths in your own narrative – and your own hypertext essay? What other possible journeys might your future take?

Perhaps you want to include them in your essay.

The writing of non-linear stories with choices is how games are developed. You can write your own non-linear stories using hyperlinks in your blog or also by learning Twine. Twine is a free and easy to use program used by writers and game developers to create non-linear stories and games. 

Here are some twine games you can read/play:

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