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Networked Nature

For the final lecture I leave you with this series of videos that you can watch at your leisure. These three films present concepts of technology, audio, editing, storytelling and remix. The second episode specifically takes up the concept of networked nature, but they are all worth a look and, to a certain extent, it doesn’t matter which order you watch them in. I recommend watching them in reverse order: 3 then 2 and one.

Adam Curtis’ remixes interviews, research, stock footage and music, to argue that computers have failed to liberate humanity and instead have “distorted and simplified our view of the world around us”.


In the first episode, Curtis tracks the effects of Ayn Rand’s ideas on American financial markets, particularly via the influence on Alan Greenspan.


The second episode investigates concepts of cybernetics and systems theory were applied to natural ecosystems, and how this relates to the false idea that there is a balance of nature.


The third and final episode discusses the selfish gene theory which holds that humans are machines controlled by genes which was invented by William Hamilton.